Where Can Cameroonian Citizens Travel to Without a Visa?

Countries That are Visa-Free for Citizens From Cameroon

Do you come from Cameroon?

If you do, you may be allowed to travel to few countries without having to obtain visas.

These are countries around the world that allow Cameroonian passport holders to travel without a visa. This includes countries with no visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens, as well as countries with a visa-waiver agreement with Cameroon.

Visa-free with Cameroonian citizens {is the term used to mean that Cameroonian} do not need an entry visa or stay inside these states. This means that you can travel using your Cameroonian passport so long as you stay within the borders of these countries!

Cameroon has signed a bilateral agreement with many other countries, which allows Cameroonian citizens to visit these countries without a visa.

These agreements are called “visa-waiver agreements,” allowing citizens of both countries to travel freely without the need to apply for visas in advance.

If you’re thinking of traveling to any of these countries, keep in mind that certain countries require an entry-level passport that is valid for at minimum six months after the planned departure date, therefore, make sure you check prior to booking!

You can travel in these countries without visa and enjoy the freedom of travel. These countries are:

Other Countries That May Require a Visa for Citizens From Cameroon

When planning on traveling abroad, it is important to ensure that you don’t be denied entry at the airport due to the fact that you do not have the proper documentation.

Today it is more essential than ever to know the list of countries which need Cameroonian citizens to have a visa before entering their borders.

In reality, this is one of the first things any traveler should do prior to embarking on their journey. It will help you avoid encountering problems once you arrive in a new country and can aid in planning around it in the event that you have to change destinations.

Click on the preferred country to see their Visa need status for Cameroonian citizens and also the kind of documentation they need. For example, these countries require a visa to Cameroonian Passport holders:

Last Updated: 16/9/2022