Work Permit Blog

Statista estimates there are 170 million migrants worldwide migrating around the globe looking to work in foreign countries. To officially work, legally these migrants are required to hold a permit to work. Here’s some intriguing statistics.

Countries with the highest foreign worker labor force

  • USA
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Countries with the highest foreign worker remittances

  • USA, $79.14 billion
  • Saudi Arabia, $39.35 billion
  • Switzerland, $31,91 billion
  • Germany, $25.6 billion
  • China, $18.26 billion
  • Kuwait, $17.74 billion
  • Luxembourg, $15.51 billion

How to get a work permit to work in a foreign country

Work permits are defined as official government documents issued to foreigners residing in a foreign country the authorization to legally work in their host country. The purpose of this work permit blog is to give actionable information to readers. With this blog, we offer articles to help remote job seekers who are interested in applying for remote jobs offered in another country. Digital nomads too may find these articles helpful so that they can determine which countries to target for travel while they work from anywhere.

Here’s a few of our articles on getting a work permit

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